Some people seem to attract bad luck.  I truly am opposed to the prospect of this being my epitaph, but sometimes one must face facts.  I am the girl who will pick the shortest line at the grocery store, only to wind up second in line to the cheque writer, price checker, wallet forgetter, or “Oops I just need one last thing” getter.  I am the girl who buys the a new white shirt, only to spill a cup of coffee down the front on its first wearing.  If I’m late and I take the dog for a quick walk to the park, she will find a way to unclip her leash and take off into the woods.  If I go through the drive-thru, one part of my order is always messed up.  I’ve come to develop a kind of morbid interest in improving my time in determining which part of any purchase is defective or destined to break.

The same goes for major purchases.  I will do all the research, I will ask friends about their experiences and their favourites, but I believe I should be banned from making the final decision.  I asserted my choice in our recent purchase of a Hyundai Tucson Limited.  We chose this model over the larger Santa Fe in the interest of reducing our environmental footprint.  We have now learned that our vehicle actually uses more gas than the Santa Fe, not less.  With a family of four, we are now terribly pressed for room and are getting soaked at the pumps.  Apparently AWD drive with a four cylinder = $$$$.  Who knew?

We recently moved our laundry upstairs to the office closet.  I spent hours online researching to find the laundry centre we would buy.  We purchased the unit and were thrilled to finally have it installed.  The stupid thing ground to a halt in five days.

What was I thinking?

Now all I’m thinking is, “Thank Goodness for Sears‘ great customer service.”