Anyone that knows me can confirm that I am loath to waste money on paying professionals to do jobs that are simple.  That said, I do believe in calling in the experts when the going gets too tough.

Our dishwasher came with the house when we bought it.  Truth be told, it has never done a spectacular job.  This has always irked me, since it is a top-of-the-line KitchenAid and my mom has a base model something or other that always leaves the dishes like they are in a T.V. commercial.

I have successfully completed a couple of repairs to the dishwasher over the last five years and I was very proud of myself.  So, last week, when I noticed that the dishes were not rinsing at all; I decided to roll up my sleeves again.

With the help of a very funny YouTube video, I had our dishwasher apart all over our kitchen floor in minutes. (THIS time I was smart and took pictures as I took each piece off.  This time.  But that’s another story!)

Unfortunately, my investigations didn’t relieve the clogged food chopper that I was expecting to find, so I was stumped.  I put it all back together and resolved to call the experts.  Oh well.  You can’t win them all, I guessed.

Later that day, I pulled the plug on a sink full of water, when I heard a distinctive,


from the dishwasher.  I looked under the sink.  Hmmm.  The dishwasher drains into the pea trap in our sink.  I marched off to the bathroom to grab the plunger, filled the kettle (germ-a-phobe), and filled both sinks with water.

A few minutes of plunging revealed nothing too exciting…until I changed my technique.  I moved from the manic; down, up, down, up, down, up…you get it…


down, UP!…down, UP!…down, UP!

It was like Christmas!  Up came a straw from one of our daughter’s water bottles.  Two minutes later?  A long stem.  I switched to the other side and excitedly employed the same technique.  Wooosh!  Out flew one of our daughter’s skinny paint brushes!

HEY!  I realized.  This is just like Pea Trap Pick Up Sticks!


I found myself hoping more things would come flying out of my drain, but alas, that seemed to be all.  The drama was over…sigh.

Sheesh.  I really need to get out more.