I hesitate to begin…I used to LOVE my H20 mop Ultra.  That’s no lie.  But now I hate it.  It is sitting in the dumpster outside my house that the roofers are using, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Why, you may ask?

The last thing I wish to do is to extoll the virtues of this company’s product but, I must.

Simply put, I loved my steam mop.  I am a bit of a clean freak and just loved that I could sterilize all my flooring without the use of any chemicals or cleaners.  It even has a detachable hand steamer, which I regularly detached and used to sterilize my bathroom and kitchen surfaces.  When someone in the house was sick, I sterilized the doorknobs and remotes.  You say neurotic.  I say fastidious.

Potato, pot-ah-to.

I regularly cleaned the mop, as recommended, with vinegar, but a month ago the steam stopped coming out.  I read the manual and found nothing.  Me being me, I took the water tank off and VOILA!  A filter!  A quick visit to Google and I had the company’s customer service number, which I quickly called to order a new filter.  I was so thrilled!

(Insert sound of tires skidding to a halt on hot pavement.)

That was when I heard the words that made me hate my H20 Mop Ultra.

“I’m terribly sorry but we are in the process of releasing a new model and so that filter is no longer available.”

I wish I could say I was surprised.  “So are you telling me that my mop, which, by the way, is working perfectly, is garbage?”

“We are terrible sorry.”

“You’re sorry?  That’s a $120 paper weight and there is nothing wrong with it!  It just needs a filter!”

“I know and we are very sorry.”

And so it goes.  The corporate money grab, perpetually at the consumers’ expense.  Our dumps fill up and we go on buying.  We have become a throwaway society at the hands of corporations who either create substandard products or that, like Thane, engage in shameless “remodelling”, while discontinuing older models’ parts,  in order to obligate new purchases from formerly loyal customers.


I won’t be buying the new H2O Mop Ultra because in two years I will probably be facing the same situation.  And the bottom line is, I shouldn’t have to.

I hope you won’t either.