I have been struggling to find a blog topic lately.  It’s not that life hasn’t been interesting; more accurately, it’s been exhausting.

Some months ago, I had a vision of creating garage access from our main floor laundry, moving the laundry to the closet in the office upstairs, and creating a mudroom where the laundry is now.  My dreams were golden threads of no more little garbage bags in the front hall, kids’ backpacks littering the floor, or dirty boots marking up the front hall tile.  Ah…bliss!

Alas, with the light must first come a little darkness.  I am, evidently, in the wrong profession.  I find it remarkable that I need to nearly beg contractors to show up, follow up, provide quotes, begin, or even…dare I?…complete what they started in a reasonable span of time.

We have also made our favourite mistake of taking on too many home projects at once, and in the last several weeks have been living in a complete disaster.  I feel like a living version of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” by Laura Numeroff.

If you move the laundry upstairs, you’re going to have to widen the opening to the closet.

If you widen the opening to the closet, you’re going to want to replace the floor in the office.

If you replace the floor in the office, you’re going to want to replace the floor in your son’s room so it matches.

If you replace the floor in the office and in your son’s room, you’re going to want to replace the baseboard, door and window casings in the office and in your son’s room.

Need I go on?  Two nights ago, our daughter sat on her bedroom floor, dwarfed by everything single piece of furniture that used to be in our office and wept, “I can’t take this anymore!”  Out of the mouths of babes…I wanted to join her on the floor and sob, “Me neither!!!”

That said, we finally have the new stacking washer-dryer installed upstairs and it really is a dream come true.

We spent last weekend hanging cabinets and installing drawers to create a built-in desk area and it is working out perfectly.

I am keeping my eye on the prize…and nagging contractors daily!