All of the Christmas presents are wrapped and I am excited to see the looks on our children’s faces when they see what Santa brought them.   Our daughter, at least, still believes in Santa; my step-son is almost 14 and we know he is just agreeably playing along for her sake.  He is a great kid and never ceases to make me laugh.

Today I came downstairs and he popped one of his daily questions.  These questions are always completely random and seemingly disconnected from whatever is happening at the moment.

“Do you like Shania Twain?” he asked.

“Huh?” I responded.

“Shania Twain…like…um…who’s your favourite singer?” he continued.

“Gosh…I guess it would be between Darryl Hall, Don Henley or Jim Cuddy…maybe Chantal Kreviazuk?” I answered.

“Oh,” he exclaimed, “Don BENley!  I think I’ve heard of him.”


“It’s HENley.  Yes, I’m sure,” I said, “He’s the lead singer of the Eagles.  You know…Hotel California?”

“Oh, I know that song!” he said, and launched into a few bars of California Girls.

“Um…no…that’s Katy Perry hon’,” I said gently.

“Oh…right…ya…I think I know the other one though,” he said amenably.

“It’s okay Buddy.  I’m sure you would if you heard it,” I answered.

When did I get so old that Don Henley and the Eagles are not even in the vocabulary or repertoire of today’s kids?  I have loved Hall and Oates and The Eagles since I was younger than he is.  It is just quality, enduring, soul and rock and roll.  I somehow doubt that he will be telling his own kids about Pitbull in 30 years, but maybe I’m wrong.

Or, just hopeful!