I am struck from time to time at how married people can exist in the same house for as many hours as they do, without arguing more often then they do.  Sometimes fights do happen.  Sometimes these fights are essential to the growth of the relationship.  Sometimes they are just plain stupid.

Like fighting over Scrabble.

We had such great intentions…we were going to play a family game of Scrabble in teams.  My husband and step-son drew an A, so they went first.  He laid the first word, appearing quite proud of himself.


“I challenge.”  I said.

“Its a WORD!  I checked!”  my husband insisted, and then he proceeded to read the definition from his iPad.

“That’s cheating!”  I said, “You can’t look up a word before you put it down!”

“You’re the one challenging!” he retorted.

“It’s part of the game.  NEURO is not a word.”

“It says right here it’s a combining form.” he cried.

“Right.  A combining form!  It’s not a word by itself.”

In the end, he said I wasn’t being fair because I wasn’t playing the game nicely.  I said that WAS the game, so I couldn’t understand how else to play it.  So much for game day.

Scrabble + Squabble = Stupid