Recently, I returned to work full-time and at that point decided that I would indulge in paying to have our house cleaned every other week.  On Wednesday, I returned home, filled with the anticipation of returning to a spotless house.

When we came in the door, Charlotte was demonstrating “uh-oh” behaviour.  Her head was down, her ears were back and she was wagging her tail, very guiltily.  She kept glancing at me, as if to say, “Are you mad?  Do you forgive me?  I’m sooooo sorry…”

I didn’t need to go very far before I found the damage.  I could have wept.  A couple of years ago we upgraded the baseboard trim and mouldings on the main floor.  Back in the summer, I returned from a week away and Charlotte was so excited to see us that she chewed through two corners.  I filled and sanded those corners and was able to make them looked nearly untouched.  It took several days to accomplish.  The damage she did this time around makes that look like a cake walk.

Each day, I take her over to the areas that she decimated, and I sternly say, “Do you see this?  NO!!!”  She skulks away guiltily.  I have also sprayed the baseboard with hot pepper sauce which, thus far, Charlotte seems to find to be not much of a deterrent.  It’s more like a condiment to her.  My exasperated husband suggested removing her water and spraying the hot sauce right into her mouth, but we will draw the line there.

She is still just a puppy, after all.

But admittedly, an expensive one…