Recently the pace of my life has gone from busy to crazy.  I have been trying to get a handle on what has caused the shift. I can only pinpoint two things.

1.  I am back to work full time.

2.  I have a dog.

I have to say that I feel it is more the latter than the former.  I have worked full-time before and it never felt like this.  It must be Charlotte that has injected the chaos into my life.

Saturday was a prime example.  Our daughter had a hockey practice at 7:00 and a game at 12:15. We were all up at 6:00 in order to be at the arena for 6:40.  We returned home from the practice and I started on some laundry and housecleaning, because we had company coming for dinner.  Charlotte was whining at the door so I let her out in the back yard, started a load of whites, grabbed a rag and washed Charlotte’s water and food bowls in the sink in the laundry room.

I pulled the plug and started fishing around in the water to find the rag in order to add it to the wash.  It was then that I realized I had made a grave mistake.  I had pulled the plug and forgotten to replace the drain cover that blocks big items from going down the drain.

Namely, rags.

Uh oh…  I quickly stopped the washing machine and peered down the drain.  I didn’t see a thing.  I got a flashlight…nuttin.


I got a wire coat hanger, hoping to find the rag ahead of the trap.  No luck.  I took the trap apart and pushed the coat hanger beyond the trap.  I thought I felt something but I couldn’t do anything about it.  Last year we had thrown out our drain snake, convinced we would never use it.  Of course we did.  Argggh!

I turned on the washing machine and waited for the spin cycle, just to see what would happen.  I might as well have been in Yellowstone National park.

Ok.  Plan B.  Call a plumber.

“KIDS!!!  NO FLUSHING!  Mommy is a trainwreck.”

Four years ago we had a $5000.00 jug of varsol.  This year it’s the $100.00 rag.

I now had 10 minutes to shower and take our daughter to her second round of hockey of the day.

(Rant about hockey to follow in subsequent post.)

I whipped upstairs and had my shower.  We were just about to head out the door when our daughter said something that sent a chill up my spine.

“Mommy…Daddy…where’s Charlotte?”

OH NO!!!!!   I had let her out about 40 minutes ago and completely forgot to call her back in!  We called for her out the front and back doors to no avail.  I knew this was totally my fault and I felt like an idiot.  I gave one last call out the back door…


It was music to my ears.  I heard Charlotte bounding through the brush next door, hop up on the deck and there she was!  I was flooded with relief as I loved her up.  I went to the treat jar and gave her two.

Then I noticed the odour…and the black sludge on my hand…that smelled like…


“I just need 10 minutes!!!” I told my husband.

I dragged a thoroughly unimpressed Charlotte down to the shower in the basement and scrubbed her down.  Her mouth was filled with dead, rotting skunk, so I got out her toothbrush and doggie toothpaste and gave her a good brushing while I dry heaved.

Ulitmately we made it in time for our daughter’s first hockey game and our dinner party was a hit.

All’s well that ends well.  But I don’t remember life being this maniacal until we got a dog.

It’s a good thing we love her so darned much…SIGH.