Every parent has had the heartbreaking experience of having his or her child cry on their birthday.  Children cry for a variety of reasons; generally it is over-stimulation and too much sugar, which tend to go hand in hand, regardless of the fascinating research indicating that sugar has no effect on children’s behaviour.

I can deal with sugary tears.  What I have significantly more difficulty maneuvering, are my daughter’s tears over what we gave her for her birthday.

Ahhh…the long awaited gift.  The one she has dreamed of for months, even begging to be allowed to buy it for herself with her own money.

The gift that became, upon its opening, the penultimate…

“Wanna lick?  Psych!”

Insert Jaws soundtrack here…

How to make your 7 year old cry on her birthday in two easy steps:

1.  Give her something she has waited 10 months for.

2.  Tell her she can’t open it.  Or better yet, tell her it’s her CHOICE as to whether she opens it or not!

When her dad and I went to purchase the coveted iPod Nano for her birthday, we found that they were nearly out of stock.  Future Shop had one.  Walmart had one.  What was going on?  The clerk at Walmart helpfully informed us that Apple has arrested shipments of the iPod Nano, the hallmark that a new model was on its way.

“Was it just an new version, but basically the same?” we foolishly hoped.

Probably not, was the answer.  This current version of the iPod Nano was a big let-down when it was released.  Many of the features from the prior version had been eliminated, to its detriment.  It was expected that those lost features would return in the new release.

“Was it likely to be a lot more expensive?” we foolishly hoped again. (Would we ever learn?)

Probably not, came the answer again.  Apple usually keeps its pricing fairly consistent.

“…and when was it likely to be released?”

September.  A month after our daughter’s birthday.  ARGGGH!

What to do?  Before you jump to say that which version of iPod she would receive is really NOT a problem for a seven year old to have, I completely agree.  This was among the many reassurances I offered while she sobbed over her confusion as to whether to open her gift or not.  Do understand, however, that no less than five of her gifts were all linked to this iPod, so it wasn’t just one gift she had to wait on.

It was, in a seven year old’s world, a nearly impossible decision.

Ultimately, she made the wise and agonizing choice to wait for the new release.  Her birthday gift lies unopened, sitting on the shelf.  We are very proud of her.

Hurry up, Apple.  Please?