Yesterday we had two separate birthday parties for our daughter; one was the kids party, held at the local rec centre, and the other was her family party, held here at our house.  I was afraid that it would be biting off more than I could chew, and more than a little overstimulating for our daughter, so I made all the preparations well in advance.

Last on my list was the birthday cupcakes.  I had dutifully baked them the night before, 18 chocolate and 18 vanilla with rainbow chip.  All that was left was to decorate them.  Our daughter had chosen chocolate and vanilla icing.  I iced them in all different combinations, anticipating every possible desire on the part of the party goers.  I came across a tube of pink sparkle gel icing and decided to add balloons to each cupcake.  I began with a nice roundish, ovalish balloon shape, filled it in and added a pink squiggly line out the bottom to create the string.

Hmm…something wasn’t quite right.  I would try again.  I made another roundish, ovalish balloon shape and filled it in with the pink glitter gel.  I added a slightly less squiggly line out the bottom of the balloon, and hoped for a better result.

I stepped back to critically examine my work, trying to figure out what the problem was, when it hit me.  Instead of two pretty pink birthday balloons, I had accomplished drawing two, nearly laboratory quality sperm cells on my daughter’s birthday cupcakes.


CRAP!   Now to figure out what to do to fix those cupcakes.  Thank the LORD I realized the deficits in my balloon drawing in advance of the parents of all these little girls seeing my spermy cupcakes.  I was picturing our daughter in tears and 10 little girls hastily ushered out the door with their mothers casting admonishing looks at me over their shoulders!  OHMYGOSH…time for round two.

Now, where did I put those sprinkles?