Yesterday I took Charlotte to the veterinarian for the last of her puppy vaccinations.  We have made over four visits to this vet and we are now close to $600.00 in vet bills.  Charlotte has fairly extreme car sickness and also had an infection in her nether regions so, along with her regular vaccine visits, flea and heart worm medication, as well as her car sickness medications, the bills have added up quickly.  Unfortunately my faith in this office is seriously waning.

Weeks ago when Charlotte got an infection in her nether regions, this was the conversation:

I have noticed some discharge from her genitals and it has come and gone but now it is not going away.

VET – Dogs get infections in that area very easily.  Especially when they are pups, because they don’t quite clean themselves adequately.

Is it a vaginal infection?

VET – It’s either a vaginal infection or a bladder infection.  I would only tell by taking a swab.  Just like humans, dogs urinate out of their vaginas, so it could be either area.  

Um…but people don’t pee out of their vaginas…

VET – Well, just like humans, the urethra in a female dog joins up with the vagina inside and then they pee out of their vaginas.

But people’s urethras don’t join up with their vaginas…

VET – Well, it’s the same as in dogs.

Um…okay…ah… and you call yourself a DOCTOR?

I asked several questions yesterday to a different vet and here is the transcript of the result:

Charlotte is still really nauseous in the car.  Perhaps she needs a higher dose?  

VET – Could be.

What is the dose of Cerenia that she is on?  

VET – I don’t know.

I think it’s 24 mg.  Is that the right dose for 39 pounds?

VET – I need to look that up.

Maybe she needs to be on a higher dose?

VET – Maybe.  She has gained weight…she might need a higher dose…

She’s gained 2 and a half pounds since it was prescribed.  She is 38 pounds now.  Is 24 mg the right dose?

VET – I have to see.

What is the dose per pound of Cerenia?

VET – I’m not sure.  I have to check.

Or is there something else she could take?

VET – Yes there are other medications.  I will check.  I’m not sure.

Do they work differently?

VET – I don’t know.

I’d like to pick up more than one dose of her Advantage Multi.  (To save on dispensing charges.)

VET – Well, she might grow.  I need you to come back in to check her weight.

What range of weight does her current dose of Advantage Multi cover? (It is given once per month, so I’m thinking if it’s a big enough range, we are safe to pick up at least one more dose.)

VET – I don’t know.  I will look it up.

Well, what I’m wondering is if the current dose she’s on might cover her for a few months of weight gain…I mean, she won’t gain that much weight.  Maybe 10 pounds?  We can safely predict a bit of a range, right?

VET – I don’t know.  She will gain weight.  We need to weigh her.  You need to come back in.    ($$$$)

Okay…Charlotte sometimes emits a low growl when our daughter hugs her.  Is this a good signal she is giving that she needs space, or something we need to correct?

VET – I don’t know.  I’m not a behaviourist.  I am concerned about children around dogs.  Children make fast moves.

No…our daughter is pretty chill…it’s just when she’s hugging her.  Cuddling her…and only once in a while.

VET – I am concerned about children around dogs…because they make sudden moves and it startles the dog.

No…that’s not what is happening.  It is when Charlotte is lying down and our daughter gently hugs her.  She isn’t sleeping.  She has her eyes open.

VET – I’m just concerned.

Do you think it’s dominance?  

VET – I don’t know.  It could be that the dog is startled.

Well she is not startled.  That isn’t when it happens.  She knows our daughter is there.  Maybe she sees our daughter as a peer and feels that her hugs are an attempt to dominate her.  You know?  How dogs climb on one another to establish rank?

VET – I don’t know.  It’s not my area.


(Uncomfortable silence ensues….)

Wow….  I’ll tell you what is concerning.  I looked up the current dose for her weight for the flea and heart worm medication and it is Advantage Multi 55.  It covers 20.1-55 pounds.  To suggest that she might need the next dose up in a couple of months means that the vet is suggesting that Charlotte could gain 17 pounds in 8 weeks.  Not likely.  Not unless we unknowingly adopted Clifford’s sister.  In the last 8 weeks, she has gained less than 10 pounds.  What a farce.  This vet is either not very experienced, not very smart, or after the dispensing fees.  I pick A, B and C.  UGH!

Secondly, I just googled the Cerenia dosing and Charlotte should always have been given two 24 mg tablets, NOT ONE, as the vet prescribed.  That information would have saved me a lot of cleaning of doggie barf out of my new Hyundai Tucson.  ARGGGGGH!

Thirdly, I just googled dominance in dogs, and many of Charlotte’s behaviours are showing dominance.  Alternatively, many are showing submission.  I will need to get right on top of this.  Hmmm… Am I frustrated?  I am frustrated.

…and looking for a new vet.  SHEESH!