From my last post you’ll remember that my daughter and I both arrived home from a 7 day cruise on Sunday.  I worried more about our new puppy Charlotte than I did about my husband.  Charlotte was adopted from the SPCA and is particularly attached to me and to my daughter, since we have been home all summer with her, after we adopted her in June.  She is a very obedient, docile, 5 month old Rottweiler/Lab/Shepherd? cross and sensitive to any admonishment.  I was concerned about what she would think when she noticed we were both suddenly MIA.  My husband does love her; she’s his running partner and he enjoys taking her to the park to throw around a ball, but it just isn’t the get-down-on-the-floor-and-rub-my-tummy-for-a-half-an-hour type of connection.

Charlotte and I have our morning routine.  I come down the stairs and let her out of her crate and then she begins to emit a veritable aria of high-pitched whines and low-pitched moans.  It was a little disconcerting at first, as these moans and whines carry on for at least fifteen minutes while I cuddle her and rub her belly.  As soon she senses that I may be thinking about letting up, she launches into a new verse, even louder than the one before.  I learned recently that talking is actually a trait of the loving, loyal Rottweiler breed.

When I arrived home from the cruise and approached the house, Charlotte came out the front door and promptly peed all over the sidewalk at my feet.  She was wagging her tail so hard that her entire body was curving back and forth from a full C to inverted C shape.  She wouldn’t let us do anything, so we finally put her in the house to go and get the hose to rinse off her “excitement,” … mistake.  Less than two minutes later we arrived in the front hall to find this.

Is this how a puppy shows love?

I am not sure if this was the result of anxiety or excitement, but there is a matching one on the other corner.    ARGHHHHH!  So much for our upgraded trim.

My husband showed his excitement to see us in more amiable ways; the house was spotless, the fridge was packed with groceries, my SUV had a full tank of gas, and on the kitchen counter was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for each of us.  What an incredible “welcome home.”  Thanks honey!  That’s more like it.

… oh, and thank you too, Charlotte.  I guess we do all show our love in different ways.  Mommy will try not to let the media be the message.  😉